America the Beautiful…. And Sophia too.

Happy 4th of July! I hope you all have such a wonderful and crazy fireworks filled day!

Bought Sophia the cutest little romper and headband to go with today’s theme, I mean everything she wears is so freaking adorable, but this one I mean mmmmhmmm, mama did good! I have to say best part of being a mommy—especially to a girl—is all the dressing up I can do to her. The pinks, which happens to be MY favorite color, the bows, the tutus, the cutest little outfits. I mean where does it end?

Anyway… We still don’t know what we’re doing to celebrate the 4th BUT we know that we will do it together. I’m just kind of paranoid (when am I not?) to take Sophia out to the fairgrounds, or wherever else everyone’s going to watch the fireworks, because she’s only two months. So many questions run through my head: won’t it be too loud? Mosquitos? Too many people? I mean it’s crazy how I’ve become so overprotective and turned into such a crazy mama! But better safe than sorry they say right?
Well see what happens! I’ll fill you in later.

X’s & O’s




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