First Post: Introduction

Hey there!

My names Aracelys… or Becky, or Beca–I have many personalities. Okay, that’s a lie, I just have many nicknames and actually don’t know how to stick to one. I’m sorry, I just type as I think and don’t really censor my (lame) thoughts sometimes. Almost got you there though, didn’t I? Haha! Back to what the purpose of this post: I’ve decided to create a blog (a new one, because I had tumblr once, but I mean you all have seen what Tumblr’s become, right? (porn and completely predictable posts)) to talk about my life NOW. 2014 has  been incredible so far. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart, I am a new mommy of my–now 2 month old–baby, Sophia, and I just turned 22–not so incredible age but hey, I’m alive and life is great!

So far this year my heart has grown bigger. I love so much about my life and I can’t find any space for hate and I LOVE THAT! My fiance is such an incredible man, best friend, lover and father. My daughter has taught me so much these past 2 months and I can’t wait for what else she has in store for me. I’ve lost many friends, but kept some great ones and that I am grateful for. My family has shown me what it truly means to be “family”… I mean the love and support they share is pretty amazing, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So… here’s to this blog that will probably consists of my “Life with Sophia” (hence the blog title) but trust me there will be much more in here. I have so much to say, to complain about, to praise, to recommend, or to simply share with you. Love it or hate it. Do whatever with it. But thanks for taking the time to check in on my life (ehh… sounds a bit creepy).

X’s & O’s,



Ps. understand the url name? Sophelys (SOPHia + AracELYS). Haha, don’t judge me please; I’m a new mommy, what do you want from me? She’s my obsession. “Love it or hate it“.


7 thoughts on “First Post: Introduction

  1. Becky I’m so proud of you and so happy that you have groan up to be so responsible, caring, and family oriented. but most all to be happy with your self and confident of your achievement keep it up be you always. Love you titi Barb


    • Thank you so much Titi. It means a lot, and I appreciate you taking the time out to read my blog. I love you, and thank you for supporting me and always being there for me. Love you always ❤


  2. Hey, I don’t know if you really remember me, its been about 3 or 4 years since we’ve seen each other and we never really hung out. I found your blog through Instagram and I just wanted to say congratulations on your engagement and your beautiful daughter Sophia. I can tell that the love you have for her surpasses anything on this earth, and I must say it is very heartwarming to see. I wish you and your family the best and can’t wait to read more about your life with Sophia ❤


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