Happiness is….Knowning I hold the Future in My Hands

Could have not said this any better. I think we young moms can definitely relate to this, and have felt the same way. But this gift we have received is far more than just a baby, but this baby is our world. Everything in our world now revolves around them… and who says thats a bad thing? We live for this.

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The worst part of becoming a young mom is that everyone around you seems to be achieving so much and you get a feeling of being worthless. People would ask you what do you do and you would be stupefied by the question. This was apparently happening with me as my friends and cousins were going to universities, getting foreign scholarships, travelling the world, becoming doctors, going out with friends, partying, getting jobs and doing everything which I wasn’t.  I felt downright incompetent and started to experience Social Phobia. I did not want to meet my successful social circle instead I just wanted to be left alone with my kid. Without any one asking me what am I doing now a days or giving me a sympethatic look when I tell them I am a stay-at-home-mom. It was until the day I read an inspirational quote for stay-at-home moms on…

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