Sophelys– mommy and baby.

My pregnancy wasn’t horrible at all. Honestly, I miss being pregnant sometimes. I miss that ginormous belly of mine. I miss carrying Sophia around. It was beautiful and she treated me so well. No complaints there. I mean I must have been a lucky preggers: no morning sickness and I was pretty tiny. No swelling til the last couple weeks, and no major pains. (Side note: thank you baby, mama loves you!) I miss the little things, like cravings: chocolate milk (literally drank about 3 glasses a day), peanut butter sandwiches (ate about 4 a day), cereal (honey bunches!!!), and when my hubba (which is my fiancĂ©, Steven) would massage me with the cocoa butter (no stretch marks on this belly, yes!). I miss the big things like her kicking me and moving around. I was able to connect with my baby, to learn about Sophia… It was a beautiful and incredible experience.

As much as I missed being pregnant, I’m so extremely happy with having Sophia here with me. She’s my world, my air, my all. Without her I am nothing, and that may sound so cliche but the love I have for my daughter could move mountains.

Being a new mommy is definitely a big change and a lot of work–literally. This is a job and I’m working 24/7… But hey I’m not complaining. We had some restless nights, and a lot of “getting use to’s”. We’re still learning so much about each other. Sometimes I’m tired when she wants to play. Sometimes she cries when she’s fully fed, diapers changed, and has already napped. Sometimes she cries because she just doesn’t want to sleep (babies, why do you do this?)… It gets stressful I must admit, but I wouldn’t trade this life for the world. I love having the title of being a mom. I love the responsibilities I have. I love how being a mother just feels so natural. Sophia has grown so much in the past 2 months… Ahhhh I’m just getting emotional thinking about it. Holding her, changing her, feeding her, bathing her, soothing her, playing with her, seeing her beautiful smile, watching her kick her feet, all for the first time I will forever cherish those moments. I look forward to all the other moments to cherish with her. This is the mommy life and I’m loving it.

Love it or hate it.

X’s & O’s




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