Fireworks… And a thought.

Hello there! Hope you all had just as much as a good time as I did watching the fireworks. Spent most of the day with baby Sophia and the family. 4th of July was blessed with the perfect day. We’ve been dealing with humidity the past couple days, but not yesterday—nice breeze and just the right cool temperature. I decided to leave Sophia with her grandparents while we went to watch the works. Makes me sad leaving her, but I just have to get used to it I suppose (sn: I will talk more about this in another post. So much to say!).

Steven and I went to Takoma Park ms with my cousins and their kids. We actually haven’t watched the fireworks show in almost 6 years, so I was just completely in awe by the show. Literally felt like I was watching stars fall out the sky, it was beautiful!

Besides the show, we all had such a great time together. We had those glow sticks and I think it’s safe to say that we (as in the adults (ahh… I’m an adult… weird)) had more fun with those things than the kids did! I just can’t wait til Sophia’s old enough to watch and enjoy the 4th of July festivities. I can’t wait to make those memories with her. It would’ve been a perfect night, but without Sophia nothing’s perfect.

So… I’ve been thinking, yesterday I felt so much pride being an American, and I realized that I shouldn’t just wait til one day a year to feel that way towards our country… I mean this is the land of the free. There’s opportunity here. There’s a chance to live here, “live” as in a verb. There’s hope—Unlike many places in this world that doesn’t have these things, places where freedom is just striped away. I want Sophia to grow and know this. I want Sophia to Live. To hope. To jump at every opportunity she gets. I want Sophia to take pride in her culture, but not forget where she comes from. We maybe hispanic-American, but I feel as if I was ashamed of being an American because how the “outside world” (outside of my world that is) portrayed Americans. I don’t want her to feel ashamed of anything. I don’t want her to be afraid of what others may think of her for being American, Mexican, Cuban, Salvadoran… Sheeeshhhh!!!! What a mix! Well… My minds running blank here. I’ve said what I’ve felt. That’s just a thought.

Love it or hate it.

X’s & O’s




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