Maternity Leave… done-zo

Today I go back to work… which means I’m officially off Maternity leave *cries*. I am really not looking forward to leaving Sophia for 8+ hours. The thought is driving me crazy! I mean I only work 15 mins away, but that is just 15 mins too far. I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like I’m going to explode and break down at anytime. What makes it worse is that Steven (her father, keep up people!) will be with her today since it’s his day off but he completely messed up his ankle playing soccer last night and could barely walk without a limp. I feel terrible, my two loves need me… yet I’m going back to a place where people have no common courtesy, want what they cannot afford, jokingly/annoyingly ask for a discount, disrespect all the EE’s especially us managers. There’s no appreciation whatsoever. Not that I’m looking for appreciation… I’m just looking for a way out of this, let’s be honest here. The only ticket out is another job and my job search just isn’t going well–at all.

What to do? What to do? I sit here and type away as my two love-bugs sleep and wish so badly I can stay and do the same with them for the rest of today, tomorrow, and forever… Like I’ve said before, I have so much support from my friends and family–I know that. But we all know what plays a huge role in everyones life: $$$.Without it we cannot not live (so they say). I want to say that we don’t need a second income coming in but that’d be a lie. Besides the fact that we have to pay for necessities, I’ll be completely honest here, we need some cash for some fun time. With just one income coming in, “fun-time” will be cut short.

So, I guess for today I will (try to) suck it up and just do what’s best for Sophia and our family. We all have wants and needs, and in this life we live in we can’t just get them without working for them. I will do whatever I need to for Sophia… I’ll just probably complain about it here. ‘Til next time.

X’s & O’s




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