A Ton Of Work, and No Sophia.

Hey guys/gals…

I’m almost through with my first week back at work, and let me tell you, it’s been horrible! Remember in one of my earlier posts when I said that my job consumes my life? I wasn’t just complaining–it does! I mean my very first day back there were already things going wrong in that place. As if while I was gone for those three-months everyone was just skipping around the store “la-di-da-ing” around–it’s ridiculous! So I’m already feeling so much pressure for everything that hasn’t been done and needs to be done as soon as possibly can. BUT!!!! What makes that difficult to do is that we’re extremely short staffed, and there’s no time to do anything besides helping the customers. Usually, we’d have enough people to balance out our work… customer service, paperwork, customer service, coaching, customer service, more paperwork, customer service, help clean/organize the store. That’s all been thrown out the window apparently.

Now that all of this is going on, I’m at work all day long for extended ours and Sophia’s with my family (whoever’s day it is to babysit) and I’m just going crazy inside all day long. She needs to be with her mother. I need to be with my daughter. I pick her up, or come home from work and she’s already sleeping. We don’t get to bond. My job has taken it all away from me… but I won’t let that happen anymore. Last night, things were so bad in the store I gave up. Yes… I printed out the “Resignation Form” and filled it out completely! I’m done with this place. I used to love it. I used to love going to work, getting everything done. I used to love the teamwork… but I love Sophia more. Point blank period.

I’ll try to fill you in as soon as I get some free time. I don’t have that anymore either, and its NOT Sophia’s fault! (I wish it was)

X’s & O’s



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