A Reason Why I Shouldn’t Work For A Year

Hello! Time for an angry-mama rant.
Today I’m at work, had to come in earlier bc another EE couldn’t make it on time to open the store. Oh, and last night I got home from work with a major migraine… I’m pretty sure if I would’ve kept throwing up the way I did I would’ve just gave the toilet my insides. It was disgusting! So anyway when I got home Sophia was already asleep… Of course. When she woke up to eat I couldn’t even feed because I was too busy giving the toilet all of me. So I slept off my migraine, woke up this morning with Sophia asleep again. Left for work and you know what happened when I left? Sophia woke up and she held her bottle on her own! My almost-3-month-old baby! I’m so sad and yet so proud. Something like this May be little for you all, but I think I can speak for us in the mama-club, but this is just something we live for—our babies growing. It’s beautiful.

The first year is too important to miss out on. The first year will be the first everything! What else will I miss while I work? What else will Sophia do on her own? I can’t let her NOT rely on me. I’m her mom. I need her to need me. Where’s the wrong in that?

X’s & O’s




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