A Reason Why I Shouldn’t Work For A Year

Hello! Time for an angry-mama rant.
Today I’m at work, had to come in earlier bc another EE couldn’t make it on time to open the store. Oh, and last night I got home from work with a major migraine… I’m pretty sure if I would’ve kept throwing up the way I did I would’ve just gave the toilet my insides. It was disgusting! So anyway when I got home Sophia was already asleep… Of course. When she woke up to eat I couldn’t even feed because I was too busy giving the toilet all of me. So I slept off my migraine, woke up this morning with Sophia asleep again. Left for work and you know what happened when I left? Sophia woke up and she held her bottle on her own! My almost-3-month-old baby! I’m so sad and yet so proud. Something like this May be little for you all, but I think I can speak for us in the mama-club, but this is just something we live forβ€”our babies growing. It’s beautiful.

The first year is too important to miss out on. The first year will be the first everything! What else will I miss while I work? What else will Sophia do on her own? I can’t let her NOT rely on me. I’m her mom. I need her to need me. Where’s the wrong in that?

X’s & O’s




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