Keep Calm and Think Positively.

Actions, good thoughts, and positive energy speak louder than judgmental words, and are the most powerful tools you can use when working toward a better world.

When I was pregnant I wanted nothing other than positive energy surrounding me. I kept myself in an environment where I did not feel anything less than content. I til this day still want to feel that energy, especially around Sophia.

I’m a strong believer in many things–especially spiritually. I believe that your energy can easily bounce off of you and onto other persons, whether it may be positive or negative, and whether it may or may not be intentional. There are people out in this world who are just so bitter, who thinking horrible thoughts, who envy those doing well and wish the worse for them. Those people easily spread such ugly energy around them… it’s disgusting. There are people who don’t intentionally mean to spread their energy to the people around them… but it happens. We must be aware of the way we think, and especially the way we choose to handle our emotions towards our lives and what may be going on in it. We must control our feelings and not give off anything but positive energy because we could all live with more joy and happiness if we just set our minds to want it, and feel it.

I know… I sound like a crazy lady, but ever since I became a mom I want nothing but the best for my daughter–including what happens to go on around her. I know that life happens and there will be negative energy at some point where I–in no way, shape, or form– would be able to control it. I know I cannot keep Sophia in a bubble and not let her experience the ugly in this world, but I wish so badly she doesn’t have to.

Everything around us is made up of energy. To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy.

I just want to live a happy life with my daughter and my amazing hubba 😉 ❤ — happy is such a boring word, but who doesn’t want to feel happiness? Who wouldn’t want to live with happiness? I just want to be surrounded by it. I want Sophia to love her life and feel great about it.

I feel like I’m not making any sense here… or even getting to my point. But basically, I just want to say… STOP stressing so much about whatever it is you’re stressing over–we feel it over it. STOP hating yourself or the person next to you–hate spreads, it sticks, and its icky…blah! And to those of you who just need to ruin someones day just because yours is horrible–STOP and think, if you’re feeling so crappy why would you want anyone else to feel the same? We don’t want that over here!

Any who, I just want my daughter to be loved and feel loved… nowhere in there does any negative energy fit. Love it or hate it.

X’s & O’s




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