Good start…

When I created this blog my intention was to write at least everyday… I’ve been awful at doing that. I can admit that I just didn’t have an idea of what to write about. I mean of course there are plenty of things going on in Sophia’s and my life, but maybe my “creative writing skills” didn’t know how to write it all out… We had a good start and I just brought it all down. Time to work on that.

So heres a catch up to our lives:
– Sophia holds her bottle (I mean this is a big deal for a first time mommy). MY 3-month old baby is growing up on me *cries*
– I’m currently in Atlanta visiting family… without my hubba *cries again*
– Job hunt is on pause right now… I got something up my sleeve 😉
– Can’t wait to start feeding Soph cereal soon!
– Sophia still poops, pees, cries because she sleepy, and cries because she wants to be walked around… BUT she is such a good baby besides all that. She lets mama and daddy sleep through the night (God blessed us!), she loves “bathy time”, and loves when mama reads to her (my absolute favorite thing to do). She usually the happiest after her naps,

well… I know our life is not too interesting right now, BUT something will come up, We just need some inspiration.

X’s & O’s



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