My Loves.

Most of the time you will see or hear a man thanking their wife, girlfriend, baby mama, or whatever their status may be, for giving them a child. But rarely do you see or hear a woman–Mother to be exact– thanking their husband, boyfriend, baby father or whatever their status maybe. I mean c’mon without them, where’s the baby? They gave us the gift of becoming a mother… same as we carried that gift to share with them.

I want my fiancé to feel appreciated. I want him to know that I couldn’t be more thankful and proud to have him in my life, but most importantly for him to be the father of my–OUR– beautiful baby girl. There’s nothing more beautiful (and lets be honest, nothing more sexier) than a man who loves their child and is there for their child.

Steven, you are the love of my life; I thank you for giving me life with all the love and support you give me, and for giving me life by blessing us with such a beautiful family. You are an incredible father, Sophia loves you so much–the way she stares at you is heartbreaking (in a beautiful way, of course). I look forward to the rest of our lives. I cannot wait to spend forever with you, and Sophia. I love you, hubba… always & forever.

Sophia and Steven are both my world. They complete me. My loves… You are my everything.

X’s & O’s




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