Every Time My World Changed…

You know when you experience something that just feels completely unreal and new? You’d probably say “wow, my world has changed”! It happened to me plenty of times throughout my pregnancy now that I look back at it. The day Sophia was born was the day my world (my life) changed–EASILY! There were a couple other times too (that I will get to, wait for it). I’ve been thinking, and how have I not shared my experience through my pregnancy? This blog is dedicated to my life with Sophia, and though she is (2 days away from) 4 months old, I carried her for 9 months! I’m excited to tell you this; I will be honest though, I was a lucky one… you won’t read about any horrible stories about morning sickness and all that crazy talk you hear about what happens during pregnancy that people usually talk about. The world makes it all sound so horrible, but trust me, it is the opposite. I was like you, you being the person who thinks being pregnant is scary, I was terrified to be pregnant.

I’m going to get fat!

Everyone will judge me.

I’ll be kicked all the time.

I’m going to get fat.

Ill never sleep!

I’ll throw up all the time.


That’s pretty much what would run across my mind. I never thought what a beautiful experience it would be. I never thought I would want to get pregnant, now I would love to do it again! So here it is, here’s the journey I took with Sophia and with my incredible fiance. Now I do remember mentioning how I found out I was pregnant and all that and some details about my pregnancy in an earlier post… so for those of you who actually keep up with my blog, you may read something that sounds familiar.

June 2013 was a pretty eventful month for me. I turned 21 on the 17th, I finally took my drivers test and received my license, a couple weeks later I bought a car. Then July came… officially 1 year living with my boyfriend (now fiance). July was filled with a bunch of birthday celebrations… meaning a bunch of bar hoping and all that. It was a great experience, but I don’t like to drink, so not so much my scene. I did take a shot or two the nights I did go out (birthday celebrations, you know how those go). Then August came… Oh August, 2 weeks in and I realized my period was late–very late! Immediately we bought a pregnancy test (two to be exact), ran to the bathroom took them BOTH and I was indeed pregnant. Both came out positive, the line itself was very bold and came quick, there was no mistaking it. I was thrilled! He was scared… but then we looked at each other and cried from pure joy. We were going to have a baby. I called my gyno… 2 weeks later I have my first appointment and she told us I was pregnant! It was real. I-WAS-GOING-TO-BE-A-MOM! First time I felt like my world changed


My expected date of delivery: April 24th, 2014.

Cravings: Peanut butter sandwiches (like 4 a day), chocolate milk, and honey bunches of oats cereal or cocoa puffs. All day everyday. No joke.

My pregnancy was a breeze, honestly. I cannot complain. Yes, I did experience somethings that you all hear about. When I was 3 months pregnant, I did have to go to the hospital… I was extremely dehydrated. I barely ate, lost my appetite, I was pretty small. It was scary, I was worried for the baby (then I swore I was having a boy). Took 3 days off of work and just went back at it. No I never experienced any type of morning sickness. I never threw up (thank God!). I loved to work, to be up and at it, walking around, getting stuff done. Laying in bed for most of the day hurt me more than standing 8+ hours a day would. My self-esteem definitely shot up! I loved the way I looked; I loved the way I carried. I felt beautiful. Sorry if that makes you think I’m shallow, but really I learned to love myself. My body. The way my hair was naturally, my nails, and even my face. This baby was just doing good… she was blessing me with so much. First time hearing our baby’s heartbeat, I cried, he smiled… it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my entire life… yes, mdaysy world changed at the moment. In December we found out the sex of our baby; we were gonna have a girl; we cried. The ultra-sound was just so unreal… it was all still unreal even at five months. We announced that we were having a girl… this time our world changed. Towards the end of 6 months, I finally felt her move… into 7 months and she was kicking me everywhere. What a feeling! To think I was even worried about feeling something so extremely incredible, I was ashamed of my old self. My world changed those very moments. I was able to show Steven and my close ones, let them feel and see our little girl being active… it was such a beautiful experience to share with people who care about us. At 8 months I started to get more leg pains (they told me to wear a band to support my belly, but I was stubborn and just dealt with the pain). I stuck through work, some days I’d leave an hour or two early… but I still felt the need to move around and be active. I never wanted to stay in bed. I just wanted to keep on moving, which I am so happy I did, maybe thats why I was a pretty tiny preggers. Beginning of 9 months, I had to call it quits for work… I still had 3 weeks left until my EDOD, but the pain got much worst and my feet would swell up more than I can handle at work. My last week at work, I thought I was ready to have her (3 weeks early), I felt contractions, went to the hospital… false alarm. I was sad… sucks to be rejected, especially in that situation (moms you understand, right?).

 Fast forward to next 3 weeks.

On April 21st, I leaked a bit… worried that my water broke we went to our doctor, they sent me to get a sonogram… my water still hadn’t broke. I felt discouraged; when will she be here? There they estimated she would weigh 7lbs, 10ounces.

April 22nd, I spent the entire day moving in to our new room and getting everything ready before the baby gets here. I spent hours cleaning, folding, bending, standing, walking… my back was aching! I didn’t even notice I was having contractions until about 11:30 that night. We monitored the contractions for an hour… they were 2-3 minutes a part. They were so bad! For those of you who wonder how bad they hurt, they HURT! They are horrible! I will not lie about this, sorry. Truth hurts, and so do contractions! At the hospitlabor1al, they checked me at 1am (making it April 23rd), they monitored my contractions still being 2-3 minutes a part. The whole time I was there, there was a woman next door in labor, and oh my God, she was screaming! She made it sound so horrible, I was scared for my life! Around 5am, they told me I was only 2cm dilated, and that there was nothing that could be done; it could take hours or days to open up some more. They sent me home. Again, I felt discouraged. So we get home, my fiance tries to get some sleep, I laid in bed and every time I shut my eyes I had a contraction. They were constant… they were excruciating; contractions are a bitch! From 5:30am – 11:00am I did not sleep, I needed to walk–the pain was horrible. Steven barely slept, I was in pain so he was pissed. How dare they send me home when I was in so much pain? He called our doctor, explained what was going on and we were off to the hospital, again. I was already turned down twice, I didn’t even want my hopes up, I just thought they were going to send me home again. Immediately, I got a room, my nurse (who btw was amazing, so kind) checks where I was at–5 cm dilated, yes! I was admitted. She was coming. Yes, here my world changed too. Can you believe at 5am I was just 2cm, and at 12 I went up to 5cm? No wonder I couldn’t sleep. Luckily, earlier before we even called the doctor, Steven made me a sandwich… but that was ALL I had that whole day. I had no idea the day you go into labor you cannot eat. A pregnant woman not allowed to eat? That’s crazy! I was starving. I just wanted a glass of chocolate milk!

So finally, I’m admitted in the hospital, my friends and family there to support me. I breathed through my contractions. Yes, they hurt, but I can honestly say that I am so proud of the way I handled them all. No screaming. No cursing. Just deep breathes and some squeezing of my fiance’s hand. Of course it got to the point where I needelabord epidural (which by the way ladies, is not nearly as bad as people make it seem. If you can have a baby, you can handle a needle through your back). Before that, my doctor came in and went over our plan, and then checked me, I was then around 6-7cm. She broke my water for me. Epidural is absolutely everything, praise the labor and delivery gods for that, without it I do not know if I’d be so calm. I received my first dose around 5pm (I believe, time wasn’t on my mind). I finally got sleep, I shut my eyes for a while, probably no more than 30 minutes each time but it was still something. I slept through some of the highest contractions. Epidural works wonders, trust me! I was also fighting an infection, so I had to finish a bad of antibiotics to get rid of before our baby came out. Around 9pm the first dose of epidural started to fade away, I began feeling so much pain on my entire left side! It was so bad… we tried moving me in different positions, which would help speed up the labor and for me to feel a bit better. Didn’t work much. I was just so uncomfortable. Been laying in that bed for hours, couldn’t even stand up, had to pee in a freaking bag. I was starving. All I had was water… and ice of course. I was already in labor for 20 hrs (remember my contractions started around 11:30/12ish), I was exhausted. No wonder they call it labor.

I received the 2nd dose (which was a higher dose) around 10pm; I was completely numb. Then, bad news… I had a slight fever, we needed it to go down before it got to the baby. Soon after, my nurse checked me and I was at 10cm, finally. Yes, now time for us to get crowning! Then my doctor came, I had to start pushing. Yes! We’re so close. All I can remember is having my two cousins and fiance with me (sn: thank you Steven, Jas and Ness, you all gave me so much strength, I love y’all). I remember them all guiding me through. One of my cousins told me:

Work together, Becky. Work with your baby; you guys are a team.

and I will never forget that (thank you Ness). She was right, we were a team. We pushed through each contraction. There was a big problem though… I was soooo extremely numb from the epidural, I couldn’t even feel myself pushing. It was so hard, but luckily I was getting the work done. We were getting the work done. Waiting for a contraction, I gripped on to the back of my thighs, pulled them back, pushed, and breathed. Over and Over. Delivery lasted about 45mins (lucky me, I heard it could take hours). It was a quiet and peaceful delivery, just encouragement talk everyone was giving me, and the deep breathes I was doing while pushing. No screaming, no moaning in agony. I mean I felt nothing. No pain. Just pressure. Finally, last push… she was here. Our Sophia, soft cry… the most beautiful cry I have ever heard. My world did change. My life changed. Our baby was here. Our beautiful, innocent, baby.


Sophia was born on her exact due date, April 24th, @ 1:31am. Weighing 7lbs 10ounces (her estimated weight from a couple days before). They say only about 10% of babies are born on their EDD. How crazy is that?

My pregnancy, the labor and delivery, was all such a life changing experience. I promise you all it is truly beautiful. I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who supported me, for everyone who was there for me. My family is so incredible. My dad for staying there from the time I was admitted to the time Sophia was born (he and my in-laws stood right outside the door during delivery). Jasmin and Nessy (my cousins) for actually being there during everything, thank you for guiding me. My nurses, especially the one who was actually there through the who delivery was an amazing nurse and person. She definitely made me feel great through it all… and lastly, to my fiance, my bestfriend, the father of my child, he was there through it all. All 9 months… all day long, no sleep. We did it! We all did it. Thank you God for blessing our family.

I also want to thank my daughter, Sophia. Thank you for being so incredibly good to me. Thank you for working with mommy. Thank you for being such a blessing… Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are. We did it baby.

So there it goes. Here it is. All out there. 

My world changed many times, and I loved each time it did.


X’s & O’s



5 thoughts on “Every Time My World Changed…

  1. This is beautiful 💕 it makes me remind the day i had my baby girl, times flies she’s already 6 months. My labor was 6 hours and i did not pushed at all. She broke my water and she did all the job she was coming out all but her self i just felt when half of her head was out the funny part is that the doctor were’nt ready and they had to prepair them selves asap cause half of he head was put already thats God everything was good. I understand now whats the meaning of true love… I have seen all your pictures in ig your baby is beautiful… 😊💕


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