First is the worst; Second is the best… so they say.

If you read last nights post you will already know how much of a failure I felt like after not being able to successfully introduce Sophia to food (rice cereal in this case). I mean I just beat myself up all day long every time I thought about it. But today is a new day, a second chance, so I took another try at it… Success! Sophia actually sat through this and ate some cereal; hooray to another milestone we have approached together! I’m am filled with entirely too much joy over something that–to you Non-mommies wouldn’t even understand–is just so heartwarming. I can’t wait for the veggies, fruits, meats all that fun messy baby food to come in play. This is really such an exciting step we’re taking.

Today, I feel extremely silly for how I felt last night. Motherhood isn’t easy… I mean we are dealing with a human being that is completely dependent on us. Not only are we teaching them, but we are both in this learning process; it will be fun, messy, frustrating, overwhelming, tiring, and thrilling all at the same time. I love that! How could anyone not? So, word to the Mommies out there… we all just need to think positive and have some patience–a lot of it actually. Patience will definitely go a long way. Have fun doing this; love motherhood… ’cause the minute you are in it, there’s no getting out. Who’d want to anyway? This is the best thing I have ever been a part of.

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2 thoughts on “First is the worst; Second is the best… so they say.

  1. Yes! Congratulations on this new milestone you and Sophia have reached! Trust me it’s tough to introduce a completely foreign thing to your child’s mouth when for their whole 3-4 months of life they have only been “eating” through a bottle. Oliver is a vacuum so when I first introduced him to cereal he sort of liked it. His facial expressions were hilarious. Trust me on this one, you will feel so terrible for the tiniest of things, but don’t ever forget, your child’s smile is what’s important. Not what those parenting books/magazines say you should do. Everything is at your child’s pace. Let it come naturally to them. Don’t rush them to grow up. I know a mommy that didn’t introduce actual food to her child until 6 months! It’s all self paced. You are doing wonderful and don’t ever let anything put you down cause you’re amazing.


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